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    Fifty Shades Freed(Fifty Shades Trilogy,Book 3) by E L James
    Fifty Shades Darker(Fifty Shades Trilogy,Book 2) by E L James
    One Perfect Night(Sullivans,Book 8.5) by Bella Andre
    Can't Help Falling In Love(Sullivans,Book 3) by Bella Andre
    From This Moment On(Sullivans,Book 2) by Bella Andre
    The Look of Love(Sullivans,Book 1) by Bella Andre
    Dead Heat(Alpha and Omega Series,Book 4) by Patricia Briggs
    By Blood We Live(Last Werewolf Series,Book 3) by Glen Duncan
    Talulla Rising(Last Werewolf Series,Book 2) by Glen Duncan
    The Last Werewolf(Last Werewolf Series,Book 1) by Glen Duncan
    Luna of Mine(The Grey Wolves,Book 8) by Quinn Loftis
    Sacrifice of Love(The Grey Wolves,Book 7) by Quinn Loftis
    Fate and Fury(The Grey Wolves,Book 6) by Quinn Loftis
    Beyond the Veil(The Grey Wolves,Book 5) by Quinn Loftis
    Out Of The Dark(The Grey Wolves,Book 4) by Quinn Loftis
    Just One Drop(The Grey Wolves,Book 3) by Quinn Loftis
    Blood Rites(The Grey Wolves,Book 2) by Quinn Loftis
    Prince of Wolves(The Grey Wolves,Book 1) by Quinn Loftis
    Taken by Storm(Raised by Wolves Series,Book 3) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
    Trial by Fire(Raised by Wolves Series,Book 2) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
    Raised by Wolves(Raised by Wolves Series,Book 1) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
    Kept(Blood Lust,Book 1) by Zoe Winters
    Life Eternal(Dead Beautiful Series,Book 2) by Yvonne Woon
    Dead Beautiful(Dead Beautiful Series,Book 1) by Yvonne Woon
    Something Beautiful(Beautiful,Book 3) by Jamie McGuire
    Cherry Girl(The Blackstone Affair,Book 3.5) by Raine Miller
    Rare and Precious Things(The Blackstone Affair,Book 4) by Raine Miller
    Eyes Wide Open(The Blackstone Affair,Book 3) by Raine Miller
    All In(The Blackstone Affair,Book 2) by Raine Miller
    Naked(The Blackstone Affair,Book 1) by Raine Miller
    Among Monsters(Red Hill Series,Book 1.5) by Jamie McGuire
    Red Hill(Red Hill Series,Book 1) by Jamie McGuire
    Happenstance 3(Happenstance Series,Book 3) by Jamie McGuire
    Happenstance 2(Happenstance Series,Book 2) by Jamie McGuire
    Happenstance 1(Happenstance Series,Book 1) by Jamie McGuire
    Eden(Providence Series,Book 3) by Jamie McGuire
    Requiem(Providence Series,Book 2) by Jamie McGuire
    Providence(Providence Series,Book 1) by Jamie McGuire
    Beautiful Oblivion(Maddox Brothers,Book 1) by Jamie McGuire
    A Beautiful Wedding(Beautiful,Book 2.5) by Jamie McGuire
    Mrs. Maddox(Beautiful,Book 1.5) by Jamie McGuire
    Walking Disaster(Beautiful,Book 2) by Jamie McGuire
    Beautiful Disaster(Beautiful,Book 1) by Jamie McGuire
    Their Virgin Secretary(Masters of Menage,Book 6) by Shayla Black
    Their Virgin Princess(Masters of Menage,Book 4) by Shayla Black
    Their Virgin Concubine(Masters of Menage,Book 3) by Shayla Black
    Their Virgin's Secret(Masters of Menage,Book 2) by Shayla Black
    Their Virgin Captive(Masters of Menage,Book 1) by Shayla Black
    Theirs to Cherish(Wicked Lovers,Book 8) by Shayla Black
    Forever Wicked(Wicked Lovers,Book 7.8) by Shayla Black
    Wicked and Dangerous(Wicked Lovers,Book 7.5) by Shayla Black
    Wicked All the Way(Wicked Lovers,Book 6.5) by Shayla Black
    Mine to Hold(Wicked Lovers,Book 6) by Shayla Black
    Wicked to Love(Wicked Lovers,Book 5.5) by Shayla Black
    Belong to Me(Wicked Lovers,Book 5) by Shayla Black
    Surrender to Me(Wicked Lovers,Book 4) by Shayla Black
    Decadent(Wicked Lovers,Book 2) by Shayla Black
    Wicked Ties(Wicked Lovers,Book 1) by Shayla Black
    A Court of Thorns and Roses(Court of Thorns and Roses,Book 1) by Sarah J. Maas
    Queen of Shadows(Throne of Glass Series,Book 4) by Sarah J. Maas
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